E-commerce Website


Project Brief:

The Goal of Nut Butter Mafia e-commerce website was to simplify the funnel and make it easier for customers to buy online. The client wanted a website that was simple and clean. Increasing the speed of the site was our primary mission. Creating a site the was mobile responsive while at the same time fulfilling the goals of the client and aligning the website with the brands mission, vision and identity within the marketplace.

Due to the current landscape of accepting payments online in South Africa – payment gateways have increased the complexity of the buyers journey by increasing the amount of steps it takes for a prospect to become a customer. With the increase in complexity we see a decrease in conversions as the drop off rate continues with each click a customer has to make to get to the conversion.

Now what did we do? We simplified the customers conversion funnel. By doing this we saved the customer two to three clicks in the funnel which had increased the conversions by 400% in 2 months.

This is called FUNNEL HACKING. Simplify the customers journey, make it easier for them to by and they will do exactly that.


Our Working Process

Over the years of coding, designing and marketing websites, we have been able to build a unique understanding of customer behavior online. We know how customers shop online. Combining this with why customers would buy from you and the ability to create trust online through customer-centric language and and building a User Interface that steers excitement through a unique Customer Experience – we know how to best generate leads and with a combining online shop, sell your products online.

No matter how complex or advanced the system might be, we take pride in the drive to innovate and create online tools that simplify our customers lives and help them achieve their goals. For the Nut Butter Mafia E-commerce Store we were able to produce a system that exceeded the clients expectations which happily translated into a long term relationship we know will last.


Detailed planning before execution is the epitome of what separates our standard of quality. We will investigate your industry, understand what’s working and why. What can we do that will make your brand stand out .

Design and Execution

Once we have taken the time to understand your Unique Value Proposition within your industry. We will then start designing a website that you can be proud of and an online presence that will stand out from your competition.

Testing and Delivery

Once we have completed your website and aligned it to your online purpose – we will meticulously test your website. Once we are happy, your website will be delivered to you. We will aid your in taking the site live an registering your website with google and other Search Engines.

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