Catalogue, CRM, Online Shop and Business Website


Development, Web Design

Project Brief:

The goal for the National Flag Multisite – Catalogue, CRM, Online Shop and Business Website was to create a website that was truly dynamic in handling the business requirements such as:

  • CRM system for Resellers
  • Marketing Ready
  • Multisite – 1 site to support catalogue and quote functionality with and interlinking site to allow for Eccomerce and a unique UI/UX design – never before seen. “Google for Flags”.
  • Intricate Graphic Design
  • +700 Products added
  • Complex Form builder
  • Delivered in 4 weeks

This was an absolute show stopping website with all the bells and whistles to optimise online performance and out compete your competitors. An important aspect of this website is the longevity. “We want the client to be happy with this website for the next few years to come.


This website is simple, transparent and user friendly. Secondly, we had to align the brands vision, mission and industry Value Proposition with the technology and content of the site, giving customers an understanding of the service right from the start.


Our Working Process

Over the years of coding, designing and marketing websites, we have been able to build a unique understanding of customer behavior online. We know how customers shop online. Combining this with why customers would buy from you and the ability to create trust online through customer-centric language and and building a User Interface that steers excitement through a unique Customer Experience – we know how to best generate leads and with a combining online shop, sell your products online.

No matter how complex or advanced the system might be, we take pride in the drive to innovate and create online tools that simplify our customers lives and help them achieve their goals. For the Techres Online Shop Business Website we were able to produce a system that exceeded the clients expectations which happily translated into a long term relationship we know will last.



Detailed planning before execution is the epitome of what separates our standard of quality. We will investigate your industry, understand whats working and why. What can we do that will make your brand stand out .

Design and Execution

Once we have taken the time to understand your Unique Value Proposition within your industry. We will then start designing a website that you can be proud of and an online presence that will stand out from your competition.

Testing and Delivery

Once we have completed your website and aligned it to your online purpose – we will meticulously test your website. Once we are happy, your website will be delivered to you. We will aid your in taking the site live an registering your website with google and other Search Engines.

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